Leica IIIf w/selftimer covering Installation guide.

1. Remove the original vulcanite and clean up very well.

2. Remove the base paper from the leatherette.

3. Rub alcohol of water on the half tone portion as above photo with Cotton swab.
Alcohol (or water) reduce the adhesion and allows you time to adjust and position the leatherette.

4. Start applying from the upper side of the selftimer.

5. Place the leatherette on the correct portion.

6. Adjust the strap lug hole and bottom cover hitch.

. apply the leatherette along the upper and lower edges. Do not stretch the covering.

8. Adjust the strap lug hole and hitch hole.

9.Then it comes to the end.

10. Squeeze the leatherette under the Lens mount.

11. Use small flathead screw driver and squeeze the leatherette under the selftimer.

12 same as 11.

Finished. Wait some time until the alcohol get dry.