Nikon1 J1 Custom Color Leather kit

This kit fits to Nikon 1 J1
This kit does not fit to any other cameras.

This kit includes frot 1 pc leatherette, as following image.

<Sample photos>
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Vynil + Fiber, Synthetic Leather


Black Lizard emboss

Flat Camel


Deep Pink Lizard Emboss

Navy Blue Crinkled Emboss


Navy Blue Lizard Emboss

Red Lizard Emboss


White Crinkled Emboss

Beige Lizard Emboss


Blue Lizard Emboss

Yellow Lizard Emboss


Light Green Lizard Emboss

Ocher Ostrich Emboss


The price is $16 USD

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Nikon1 J1 Custom Color Leather kit 16 USD
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