Olympus OM-4 Custom Color Leather kit

This kit fits to Olympus OM-4.
This kit does not fit to any other cameras.

This kit includes frot 2 pcs and rear 2 pcs leatherettes, as following image.

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Vynil + Fiber, Synthetic Leather

Vynil + Fiber, Synthetic Leather

Blue Lizard Emboss

Please click here to see other color samples.


Please choose OM has Film Reminder or No Film Reminder, when you purchase the kit.

The price is $16 USD,
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Asia : $7.40 US (registered airmail)
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South America & Africa : $8.80 US (registered airmail)

Canada : $4.60 US (non-registered airmail)

We can not ship to US, Australia, Italy

OM-4 Custom Color Leather kit 16 USD

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Quick Installation Guide video

Direct video link to Youtube

Refinish camera covering when it peeled off

Direct video link to Youtube