How to replace the covering for Olympus OM-1/OM-2

Please prepare following items.

It is easy to remove the original OM skin, but if it is sticky, you can pour a little alcohol into the adhesive like the photo above.

1. The difficult part is installing selftimer part. But You do not need to take out selftimer.

2. Cut the red line.


4. Reverse the covering and rub alcohol with paint brush.

5. You can rub alcohol only red part. Do not rub other part.

. start applying.

7. Slide the covering under the selftimer from 1 to 2.

@The alcohol delays the adhesion and allows you time to position and adjust the skin before alcohol gets dry.

This is cross-section of selftimer. Black part is skin.

8.You can use small flathead screwdriver to adjust the narrow part. Please do it while alcohol wet.

8.Press the edge with your nails.

15. Done. Other parts is not difficult, just apply the coveings along the edge.

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