How to install the covering for Rollei 35

Please prepare following items.

1. Remove all the original skin and remaining adhesive.
the old skin is very solid, you need to remove with scraper or flathead screw driver. Please remove carefully, little by little.

2. The custom leather kit comes like this.

3. Remove the custom leather from the base paper.

4. Reverse the covering. You are facing the tape side.

5. Rub the alcohol with cotton swab on tape side.

. start applying.

7. Please apply the leather while the alcohol wets.

@The alcohol delays the adhesion and allows you time to position and adjust the skin before alcohol gets dry.

8. You can use small flathead screw driver for positioning the narrow part.

9.You can see like this after you applied the front part.

You could see the green line portion (above), this portion is very small space then I strongly reccomend to strengthen the adhesion with Rubber cement.

11.Rub the rubber cement and dry it well.

12. After the rubber cement dries, apply the edge portion.

. Backdoor part is the same process.
Remove the custom leather from the base paper.

. Rub alcohol on tape side.

15. Apply from the strap hitch.

. Apply the skin along the edge while the alcohol wets.

Finished. Please wait a few hours the alcohol gets dry.

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