How to replace the covering for Minolta XD

Please prepare following items.

It is easy to make, you can rasp off the normal plier and acuminate its peak.

You need to remove the selftimer parts with using the sharp pointed plier like to photo below,

Wind anticlockwise direction to take the selftimer screw out.
There comes out a few parts, do not lose them.

Remove the original skin, if it is sticky, you can pour a little alcohol into the adhesive like the photo above.

1. The difficult part is installing backdoor part.

2. Take out from the base paper and reverse the covering.
Rub alcohol with cotton swab or paint brush on green part.

3. Start applying around film reminder pocket.

4. Squeeze the covering under the film reminder pocket before alcohol get dry.

@The alcohol delays the adhesion and allows you time to position and adjust the skin before alcohol gets dry.

5. The same as 4, you can squeeze.

. After you place the covering around the film reminder pocket, just apply whole backdoor along the edge.

Then wait until the alcohol get dry.

15. Done. Other parts is not difficult.
When you finish install the covering, do not forget to place the selftimer again.

If you have Rubber cement (bond), I recommend to rub the edge part, like the photo above. It will strengthen the edges.

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