How to replace the covering for Kiev-4

Please prepare following items.

1. Remove all of the original coverings.

2. Cut along the red line.

3. You can use knife like above.

4. Remove from the exfoliation paper and reverse the covering.

5. Rub alcohol with brush (or cotton swab).

6. Set the selftimer.

5. Start applying the covering as above.

8. The difficult part is selftimer release lever. Just adjust the place.

9.You can squeeze the covering under the selftimer release lever with your finger.

8. If you have flat head screw driver, you can squeeze the covering easier.

10. Place and adjust the covering before the alocohol get dry.
The alcohol delays the adhesion and allows you time to position and adjust the covering.

10. The next part. Rub alcohol on tape side with brush (or cotton swab).

11. Please choose the right one and start applying.

12. Apply covering as above.

Using flat head screw driver, press the narrow part.

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