Lomo LC-A, LC-A+ Custom Covering kit

This is the custom kit for exchanging Lomo LC-A, LC-A+.

This kit includes 3 piece pre-cut leather (1 kit), as following.

LC-A and LC-A+ have different covering shape, please choose the correct model.

Please Click Here to find our material/color list.

The price is $8 US + $4 US registered airmail shipping fee (Single shipping fee for multiple items in 1 delivery)


take out 4 screws.

remove the front cover.

Have you lost the screws?
We sell 10x screws and 1x screw driver, $4 US.

Apply the coverings as above photos.

10x screws and 1x screw driver, $4 US.

Lomo LC-A

Lomo LC-A backdoor Light Seals foam (backdoor gasket sponge) replace kit.

When the original light seals become old, the camera occurs light leaks and backdoor rattling.
It is time to replace the new Light seals, you do not have to worry about those problems any more.

This kit contains 2 Light seals (replace blue halftone portions as below) and Bamboo stick to remove the old light seals foam.

Light seals foam is self adhesive and cut as backdoor ditch's shape.
Install this kit is not very difficult,
2 foam kits are included, you do not have to worry if you waste one.
If you are not so confident, you can use 1 kit for exercise, you can install perfectly for the 2nd time.

Please Click HERE to find quick guide page to install this kit.

Shipping fee

Asia : $5.50 US (registered airmail)
Europe Oceania Middle East : $6.30 US (registered airmail)
USA : $6.30 US (registered airmail)
South America & Africa : $6.50 US (registered airmail)

Lomo LC-A Custom Covering Kit

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Lomo LC-A+ Custom Covering Kit

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LC-A front panels Screw x 10 pcs and Screwdriver

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Lomo LC-A rear door light seals replace kit

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