How to replace LC-A coverings.

Please prepare following items.

1. Start from here.

2. You can find 4 screws on red arrowheads.

3. take out 4 screws.

4. You can take out the front cover.


6.Do not lose 4 small screws.

7. Start removing the original covering from the edge.

8. Removing old covering is not easy, so please rub alcohol on with paint brush on joining surface between covering and camera body.

9. You can remove little by little. Do not hurry.

10. Please remove all of original coverings.

11. Just say good bye to old coverings.

12. Old cement still remains on camera body.

13. Sand old remaining cement with sanding sheet.

14. It is OK. It is not visible part.

15. Clean up the surface with kitchen paper and alcohol.

16. The Custom Covering is provided like this.

17. Take out one part and reverse it.

18. Dip paint brush with alcohol.

19. Rub alcohol on tape side.

20. Start applying while the tape side is wet with alcohol.
The alcohol delays the adhesion and allows you time to position and adjust the skin.


22. Just the same process as 17, 18, 19, apply covering on every part.


24. After installation of new coverings, you can see like this.

25. Start to take on the front cover, please watch red arrowheads, Place each lugs on right positions respectively, otherwise slide cover will not work.

26. Place the front cover carefully.

27. Set 4 screws.

28. Do not screw too tight.

29. Done