How to install Light seals foam

1. Please prepare following items, like the photo above.
  • razor or rotary cutter
  • clear cement (bond/glue)
  • syringe style dropper
  • ruler

2. indraw glue into dropper.

3. Cut the foam with the razor. At this time, please press ruler tightly with your left (or right) hand.
Please do it carefully, otherwise you would slice your finger.

5. This is the way to cut foam with razor.

This is NOT the way to cut foam. See the razor's angle

6. If you have rotary cutter like the photo above, you can cut foam much easily, accurately and safely.

7. paste glue to the place you want to install light seals foam.

9. Do not paste thick, but should not be too thin.

. After you paste glue, start install cut foam. Pressing foam with your finger.

11. You can press foam with flathead driver.

12. after you finished install foam, wait until glue get dry.

You can easily install on deep and narrow groove, too.

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