How to replace the covering for Moskva-5

Please prepare following items.

1. Remove all of original covering, sand the surface with #200 sandpaper.
The custom kit is provided like the photo above.

2. Reverse the custom covering.

1. Remove the exfoliation paper from the custom covering..

2. Prepare alcohol and brush.

3. Rub alcohol with brush (or cotton swab), but rub only blue part.

4. Rub alcohol like the photo above.

5. Start applying the covering from the red windows. Just apply before alcohol get dry. While wetting alcohol, it does not stick, allows you time to position and adjust the covering.

6. When you install the bottom part, I recommend you to cut the red lines like a photo above. It will be easier to install.

7.Take out the ring part around the tripod socket.

8. It comes out like this.

9. Apply the bottom part. Do not forget to rub alcohol on tape side.

10. Squeeze the covering under the botton.

11. Turn the ring to clockwise.

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