This is Olympus Pen EE2/EE3's Light Seals foam (backdoor gasket sponge) replace kit.

When the original light seals become old, the camera occurs light leaks and backdoor rattling.
It is time to replace the new Light seals, you do not have to worry about those problems any more.

This seal kit covers green halftone portions as below. It seals the light from outside perfectly.

Light seals foam is self adhesive and cut as rear door ditch's shape.
You can see the "Z" shape curve on the seal ditch and this foam kit is cut as "Z" shape (as the image below).
You do not have to force to bend the light seal when you install. It is real professional work.

Install this kit is not very difficult,
2 foam kits are included, you do not have to worry if you waste one.
If you are not so confident, you can use 1 kit for exercise, you can install perfectly for the 2nd time.


This kit fit to Pen EE2/EE3, does NOT fit to the other Pen series cameras.

Olympus Pen EE2/EE3 Rear Door Light Seals replace kit 8 USD
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