This is CONTAX RTS's Light Seals foam (backdoor gasket sponge and Mirror Cushion) replace kit.

You decide when you have to replace new light seal.When the original light seals become old, light starts leaking and backdoor starts rattling.
so customers this is the right time your camera need to replace the new Light seals, you do not have to worry any more about these minute
problems, simply you have to place the orders. Feel free to contact us for any queries regarding your camera.

This seal kit contains whole CONTAX RTS camera's seal as shown below.

These kits are readymade, you don't have to do anything in it(all cuts are already made in it),purchase
it and put it straightway to your camera.

Let's take a look that how many hours you have to spend for measuring foam seal size and cutting them if you do it by yourself?
(Actually I spent 2 hours for measuring data and cutting moulds).

Customers You can save time, there is no hassle in buying this kit for your camera and the sizes are
exact match for CONTAX RTS

If you are experienced craftsman, you can see how difficult it is, to cut the foam seals in the shape as shown in the above image.
Dear customers we have done everything for you already, these kits are already cut in the proper curved shape as shown in
the above image by cutting moulds.We advice you to save your precious time by buying it from us

Installing the kit on your camera is very simple, We have provided 3 foam kits in one set so you don't have to
worry if you waste one or two foam kit. we are sure that you will install perfectly for the 3rd time.

1,2. Remove the old light seals and clean up the residue of old seal from your camera with alcohol or benzine.
3. Take out the new light seal from the base paper.
4. Use cotton swab or paint brush to rub alcohol or water on the adhesive (sticky) side.
(The alcohol or water delays the adhesion and allows you time to position and adjust the seals.)
5. place the seals onto the narrow channel.
6. Use flathead screwdriver and adjust the seals before the alcohol get dry.

This kit only fits to CONTAX RTS (does NOT fit to RTSII), and does not fit to any other Contax or Yachica series cameras.
(Camera is not included in this kit.)

Shipping fee

Asia : $5.50 US (registered airmail)
Europe Oceania Middle East : $6.30 US (registered airmail)
USA : $6.30 US (registered airmail)
South America & Africa : $6.50 US (registered airmail)

Contax RTS Light Seals replace kit

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