Zorki-4/Zorki-4K Custom covering kit quick installation guide.

1. Remove the original leatherette and residue on its surface, then clean up the surface very well.

Turn the selftimer lever for 90 degree.

3. Take out the new leatherette from the base paper and reverse.

4. Now you are facing on the adhesion side and rub the alcohol (recommended) or water on the green halftone portion as above photo.

5. Use cotton swab or paint brush rubbing alcohol or water.
The alcohol or water delays adhesion and allows you time to adjust or position the leatherette.

6. Slide the leatherette under the selftimer lever.

7. You can use your nails or flat head screwdriver and squeeze the leatherette under the Lens mount.

8. You do not have to stretch the leatherette, it naturally comes to the edge.

9. Then apply the other side.

10. Start to apply the rear side leatherette from the edge.

11. apply the leatherette along the upper and lower edges. Do not stretch the leatherette.

12. Finished. Wait until the alcohol or water get dry.