Custom body covering for Leica IIIf with Selftimer

This is Custom covering kit for Leica IIIIf with selftimer type. (NOT genuine parts supplied by Leitz).

Above sample photo is #4008 Leatherette. Synthetic Leather.

Self adhesive, you do not need glue.


IIIf w/ selftimer's original vulcanite is rather close to M3.
I can not provide the same surface pattern one.

More Materials

#4040 Screwmount Leica emboss : Click here to sell a sample photo.
#4040 emboss is very similar to IIIc IIIf, but does not similar to IIIf w/ selftimer's original vulcanite.

The price is $24 USD (1 kit)

No Leica camera is included in this kit.

How to Install

Please click here for installation page or find the link below.

Shipping Fee

Asia : $7.40 US (registered airmail)
Europe & Oceania : $8.40 US (registered airmail)
South America & Africa : $8.80 US (registered airmail)

Canada : $4.60 US (non-registered airmail)

We can not ship to US, Australia, Italy

Leica IIIf with Selftimer Custom body covering

$24 USD

Color Qty :

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