LEICA M5 (2 Lug and 3 Lug, both type available) CUSTOM COVERING KIT

This is Custom covering kit for Leica M5 --2 Lug type. (NOT genuine parts supplied by Leitz).

Old Leica vulcanite is often broken, you can refresh Leica with this covering kit.

Installation of new kit provided by us is very simple. Just remove the old leatherette and clean up the
camera surface, then apply the faishonable new covering to give your camera an elegant look.
This is the easiest solution you can have, instead of spending hours to measure and to make its accurate covering.

This kit contains Camera Body covering and Backdoor covering. M5 camera is not included.

2 Lug type Sample photos

Click here to see bigger sized image.

2 Lug type Sample photos

Click here to see bigger sized image.

Self Adhesive and you do not need glue when you install this kit.
Not necessary to take out any parts from the camera except original vulcanite.


Please click here for installation page or find the link below.

When you remove the original vulcanite, take out the strap lug screws (bottom side), that would be easier.

#4008 Leatherette is no longer available, please choose Black Crinkled Emboss instead (Natural hard Leather, similar to 4008)

(Kit is without camera)

Shipping fee

Asia : $5.50 US (registered airmail)
Europe Oceania Middle East : $6.30 US (registered airmail)
USA : $6.30 US (registered airmail)
South America & Africa : $6.50 US (registered airmail)

LEICA M5 Custom Covering
Color Leather Color Sample list link

$25 USD
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