Contax II/III & Kiev-2/3/4 Custom Covering kit

This is custom covering kit for Contax II/III & Kiev-2/3/4 Custom Covering kit
Self adhesive, when you apply to your camera, you do not need glue.

There are 2 different types around selftimer for Kiev-4, as below.
2types are included in this kit.

There are also 3 different types around Flash contact points as below.
But 3 types are included in this kit. Please choose suitable one when you install.

If the camera does not have Flash Contact point (Contax II/III, Kiev-2/3), you can use this cover as below.

Then please choose flash contact point C or D as following image.

Please see the chart below and check your Contax or Kiev belong to the "Fits to"category.

Fits to DOES NOT Fit to

Contax II (Dresden 1936-1944) Contax I (Dresden 1932-1937)
Contax III (Dresden 1936-1944)
Kiev-Contax Contax IIa (Stuttgart 1949-1962)
Kiev-3 Contax IIIa (Stuttgart 1950-1962)

No camera is included in this kit. The Price is per 1 kit.

Please refer the installation guide page before you start recovering.

Please click here to see color/material list.

Shipping Fee

Asia : $7.40 US (registered airmail)
Europe & Oceania : $8.40 US (registered airmail)
South America & Africa : $8.80 US (registered airmail)

Canada : $4.60 US (non-registered airmail)

We can not ship to US, Australia, Italy

Contax II/III & Kiev-2/3/4 Custom Covering kit 15 USD
Qty :

I would like to show you how to cut this kit.
I made special cutters for this covering kit. Just one press and can make accurate shape.
Real professional !
It is almost the same way to make coverings as camera makers do.
That is why I can provide same standard quality coverings for all the time.

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