Making horizontal shutter unit
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1. Prepare 4 pcs thin iron bars.

2. Cut the shutter tape about 15 cm length each, need 4 pcs.

3. Align these tapes and hold them on the paper with scotch tape (Sellotape).

4. Please remain 2 cm overlap for adhesive.

5. I do not know what kind of adhesive is available in your place, we use SUPER-X. This is the best adhesive to making shutter unit.

Click here to find some information for Super X adhesive.

6. Rub the Super-X or your bond thinly onto the shutter tape.

7. Also rub it onto the edge portion of the iron bars.

8. Dry them well. If you use Super X, you need to dry approximately 10 minutes or more until the adhesive become sticky.

9. Remove the shutter tape from the base paper.

10. apply the tape to the iron bar.

11. Stick each adhesion faces.

. press with clothespin or clamp.

13. Dry it 15 minutes or more until the adhesive dry completely.

14. If you use Super-X, you can make very durable horizontal shutter unit easily.

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