Making horizontal shutter unit -- 2.

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1. This is Zorki-1's shutter unit sample. Please measure the original size exactly before you disassemble the shutter unit.


2. Please measure the original width and cut the curtain as same width.


3. This is the express way to make the shutter curtain with using double coated tape. If it is first time shutter repair for you, we recommend you to do this way.
You can make enough durable shutter unit but using Super-X is more durable.

4. Stick the 1.5cm width double coated tape on the shutter curtain. and trim off the excess tape.
Please use the strong adhesion and thinest tape.


5. Remove the silicon paper and expose the another adhesion face.

6. Stick the iron bar onto the curtain.


7. Fold the curtain and stick.


8. Stick it completely.

. Trim the curtain length.


10. Trim the curtain length.

11. Trim the tape length too.


12. Usually the tape length is 10 cm.


13. Finished.


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